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Phil’s Story


Recently Phil, a neighbour battling mental health conditions and homelessness, shared with staff that he struggles with suicidal thoughts. When he walks across the High Level Bridge, under which he sleeps each night, he thinks about jumping off and ending his sadness.

Phil continued to share that he has not jumped though, for one very specific reason.

“I think about my friends here (at the Centre), and about the staff and volunteers. And I know how much it would hurt them if I committed suicide.”

Phil is at the Centre often, not only accessing services, but actively participating in our community. Phil is a musician. He is creative, and generous - often volunteering to help clean the Centre. And most importantly, he is our neighbour.

The community Phil has found at the Centre not only kept him from committing suicide, but has also provided him with a sense of purpose and place – a life worth living. Phil is one of many neighbours who access programs and services at the Centre, while also finding a place to belong. It is this extra step taken at the Centre, striving to nurture relationships, which allows neighbours not only to build healthy lives, but sustain them.

Developing and sustaining a community, like the one at The Neighbour Centre, takes a village of people.  Learn how you can get involved and help support neighbours like Phil.

By the Numbers

For many neighbours seeking assistance, accessing emergency services is their first step in a long journey.

This past year the Resource Centre received more than 14,600 visits resulting in:

Loads of Laundry
Articles of Clothing
Received Foot Care

The Centre is in urgent need of the following items:

Underwear Bus Tickets Lunchmeat and Cheese